Ann Troy

Ann Troy 1821-1849

So little is known of sister Anne . Ann, like her two older brothers,and her sister were sent to the orphanage. In Annes case, (aged 6, along with her Sister Jane), to the female orphanage at Parramatta. The registry of St Phillips Sydney, show the following, (Per Laurie Ashton?)

Ann Troy, no 1115, Kent St Sydney, died 14/5/1849, buried 16/5/1849, aged 28. Performed by the Rev. A.C. Grills. It is thought Ann had 2 children , Ann, born about 1842 and James, born about 1847. James was sent to an orphanage and little is known what happened to him. ( Although, only a rough chance, a James Troy died in Cootamundra, home of George Troy and several other Troy families. He is the only Troy called James in our side of the story, but the parents listed are not of Ann) I can find no trace of either birth or death of these two children.

Anthony Laffan


Ann and Jane are listed as Girls eligible for apprenticeship as at 28/7/1834. Both having reached qualifications of reading and Servants Work. Ann was aged 13 and Jane 11. In 1835 Ann was apprenticed as a Servant to a John Thomas, a Clerk with the Colonial Architects Office. He was married with 4 children. She would have remained with him until reaching 20 years of age or having married.

There is no record of a marriage for Ann, she having died at just 28 years in 1849. Ann is indicated to have had two children, James and Ann. Colonial Secretary's Papers, of 1849, have a request that Ann's 2 children be placed in an Orphanage, seeing both their Parents were dead. Young Ann apparently had been temporarily taken care of, by Timothy Newman of Domain Terrace, and young James by Henry Miller, a Seaman. Timothy Newman apparently left for California and Henry Miller put to Sea.

ps.More information about Ann and James Troy, 4/8/06, as per Laurie Turtle,

It appears that Ann's son, young James, was apprenticed out to a Mr Green of Parramatta, but Ann's daughter Ann, was "given over to her Grandafather, James Bryon" (alias Bryan, O'Brien) in 1854, after having spent 5 years in the Orphanage. James O'Brien was the husband of Elizabeth Troy, who married her following Patrick Troy's death. That, making two generations of the family in a row, being brought up in an Orphanage.

Pending Investigation

There may be a lead for young James. There is a record of a James Troy having been born in Sydney about 1849, (determined from death certificate), the same year Ann snr died. Its possible she died giving child, seeing she was just 28 years of age. This same James is recorded as having died at Armidale in 1908, 59 years of age.(as given by Informant, not confirmed.) The death certificate shows he was not married and no indication of family members or the names of his parents. Which is unusual, but would be expected, if he was indeed Anns son. James was listed as a laborer,

The informant for James was Joseph Walker., Wardsman of the Armidale Hospital.

There is also a marriage record for a James Troy to Annie Talbot at Redfern in 1886. Annie was the daughter of George Blackett and Annie (Anne) Whitaker. She had previously been married to a Frederick R Talbot at Coonamble. Whether by tragic circumstances or not, both Frederick and his Father in Law George, both died at Coonamble in 1882. Fred was 31 and George 54. Annie gives her age as 27 on the marriage certificate, but she was born in 1855, so she would have been 31 years of age when she married James. (There is also discrepancy with James' given age. He would have been about 37 if he was the son of Anne. James' age of 31 was given by Annie in the divorce proceedings in 1895 but it appears this was only an estimate on her behalf.). Annie was pregnant at the time of Fredericks death and bore a daughter Annie in 1883 but she died in 1885. Annie also had a son Henry, born at Coonamble in 1881. James was soon to be a Stepfather to Henry, but the marriage was short lived and in 1895, just 9 years later, the marriage was dissolved. It appears James abandoned Annie early in the marriage and dissappeared. Of interest is the occupation of this James' so called, "father", as listed on the marriage certificate, .ie Mariner. As noted above, Anne Troy's son James was listed as having been in the care of Henry Miller, a seaman ,(mariner) . State records have an entry for a Captain Henry Miller, Master of "Messenger" in, Sydney, 1855. An Insolvency record of 1856, shows his address as Pitt Street, Sydney.

No conclusions can be made as yet untill further investigations, but of interest, just the same.


Ann Troy junior. by Anthony Laffan

Ann Troy was born in 1821 at Kissing Point, the daughter of Elizabeth and Patrick Troy. Ann was one of their four children to be sent to an orphanage aged when she was only six because her father had been condemned to death. As was the usual practice, both she and her sister, Jane would have been assigned out as a servant when eligible. Ann was assigned as an apprentice servant to John Thomas, a clerk in the colonial Architects Office. He was a married man with 4 children. Ann gave birth to two children Ann (1842) and James (1849) only to die 14th May 1849 while living at Kent Street. It seems likely she died in childbirth.

Both of her children were sent to the Parramatta Orphanage. Ann junior had probably been temporally taken care of by Timothy Newman of Domain Terrace and young James was at some time looked after by Henry Miller, a seaman. Timothy moved to California and Henry went to sea. Laurie Turtle located proof of this and what is more he found that Ann junior was “given over to her grandfather James Bryan” in 1854 after having spent 5 years in the orphanage.

So Elizabeth, aged 60, finally gathered in one of her grandchildren which must have caused her some satisfaction. Husband James lived three more years after the adoption.

It is unsure what happened to the younger Ann once she grew up. Paul Troy found an Ann O’Brien marrying a Michael Foley in 1876 in Newcastle. As an Ann Foley died aged 29th at Ryde in 1877 with a DOB 1848 it makes this a very strong possibility

A James Troy died up north at Armidale. His death certificate stated that he was single when he died at Armidale Hospital 4.4.1908, born in Sydney. This is interesting for several of Elizabeth Bryan’s (Bryant) children also settled up north. Ann Turner (Bryant) was buried nearby in Inverell with her husband and some of her children.

One child of Ann Turner, Alice Maud Turner was also buried in Armidale.

The data below supplied by Paul Troy is a link with a James Troy living for a time at Coonamble. There is good evidence to believe that he may have been one of us.

Ann Bryant (1833- 27.9.1900) had married William Neill when only aged only 16 in 1855 at St Andrew’s Scots church in 1855. From 1857 it was assumed that Edmund Turner, born Buckingham, England was her partner. She was buried from the Wesleyan Chapel Inverell. Husband, Edmund Turner and her daughter Salome Neill were also buried nearby at Inverell.

Children of Ann Bryant from William Neill

May J. 1849

Salome J 1856:

Also 1 male, 2 females were deceased by the year of her death, 1900.

Children from Edmund Turner

Edmund Turner 1859-1859 b. Sydney

Edmund Turner 1861-1861 b. Sydney

Esther Elizabeth Goddard Turner 1862-1874 buried Inverell

Alice Maud Turner 1863-1864 (m. C Jeffery 31.12.1910) buried Armidale

Ezra Edmund Turner (1865-1929) buried Inverell

Ann Goddard Turner (1870-1939).

From Paul Troy’s website there is the following interesting speculation.

A James Troy married an Annie Talbot (born 1855) at Redfern. Annie was the daughter of George Blackett and Annie Whitaker. She had previously been married to a Fredrick R Talbot at Coonamble. Both George and Frederick died at Coonamble in 1882, Fred 31 and George 54. James’ age was estimated at the divorce proceedings in 1895 as being 31 when he was probably 36/7. Ann, pregnant at the time, of Frederick’s death bore a daughter in 1883 but the child died 1885. Ann also had given birth to a son Henry in Coonamble in 1881. The marriage of James and Annie lasted 9 years before it was officially dissolved. However it appears James had abandoned Annie and Henry shortly after they were married.

Of special interest is the fact that on the marriage certificate James was listed as mariner. James had been listed in the care of Henry Miller, a Seaman. State records have an entry of a Captain Henry Miller, Master of the Messenger in Sydney on 1855. An insolvency record of 1856 shows his address as Pitt Street Sydney.

Thanks to Paul Troy and Laurie Turtle who uncovered most of this information.

Tony Laffan 7/2009

ADDENDUM (provided by Tania Sweeny.). 6/2014

According to Sands Directory,James Troy and Annie Talbot lived at number 11 Burnett St Redfern For a time, Annie lived at number 9 Burnett St. My grandfather William troy was born and lived in number 9 Burnett Street, as did his 6 children including my mother Stella Troy.

According to family history, my Grandad's father William Patrick Troy ( married to Honora Connell) left the family home in 1898 and went off to California. I think he and James may well have left together.

I do not know yet how they were related but clearly they were.

Number 9 Burnett St had been bought by Honora's step father John Friendship, married to her mother Ellen Connors.

Tania Sweeney