Roy Troy

(son of George Troy) Updated 9/11/2006

Roy Mulville Troy b 1894-1973

Roy Mulville (Troy) was born 8/12/1894, at Harden NSW. His Mother was Catherine Mulville (Mulvihill)

His father was George Troy of Cootamundra. George was 47 years of age, when Roy was born

( a short distance from George's Property at Wallenbeen., "Hillview" , Morrisons Hill.)

Catherine Mulville was apparently working as a Governess at George's property. .

Catherine was aged 26 years when she gave birth to Roy. She was born at Tumut in 1868. Her

parents were Thomas and Joanna (Johannah) Mulvihill. Catherine later moved to Sydney and got a Job

working as a Governess also, with Jeremiah John Frewin. Catherine shortly thereafter, married Jeremiah (Frevin BDM)

at Sydney in 1896. Catherine was aged 28 and Jeremiah aged 72. This was Jeremiah's 2nd marriage.

Jeremiah and Catherine had two children, one Male deceased, b 1904 at St Leonards and a daughter,

Kathleen M, b1900 at St Leonards. She may have died 5/10/1976 ? (Ryerson Index)

Jeremiah died at St Leonards in 1910 (Aged 86) and Catherine died at St Leonards in 1909 from Cirrhosis of the

Liver,aged 41 years. Roy was an orphan at 16 years of age. George Troy, (63yrs), suddenly decided to register Roys birth ,

at Bowral, in 1910. This was probably the reason why Roy was adopted by his Uncle and Aunt , Sydney and Jessie Troy

of nearby Manly. He must have known them well enough for this arrangement to have taken place.

Legal Adoption not Confirmed, but he must have been, since he was listed as Roy Troy in BDM deaths.

His registration wasnt untill 1910. So his legal adoption could not have taken place before then,

Although he may well have been placed in Sydney and Jessie Troy's care much earlier than 1910.

George posted a Declaration that he was the Father of Roy Mulville, with BDM 30/9/1910, at Bowral.

BDM D1910/11385 (8/12/1894 Birth) This document has since been removed by BDM and replaced

with a registration for Roys Birth. BDM,181595/2005 (year,1894, Registered 1910). (Late Entry Nov.05)

This time he is Registered as Roy Troy, not Roy Mulville as Stated in the Declaration. (Copies available on file)

Roys half Sister Kathleen, may have been taken care of, by one of Catherine's Sisters.

Roy Troy Died 18/5/1973,and was buried at Holy Trinity, Anglican Church, Cantwell Rd, Lochinvar , Near Maitland.

He was also left a portion of George Troy's estate. Roy was George's 11th and last child.

Roy was a Serviceman in the Australian Flying Corps ,11/7/1916 - 15/5/1919. He was a private embarked

4th Sqn,(AFC) .951-2 Air Mechanic. Returned 71st Sqn.Sydney (AFC) returned wounded. Roy may have been taken to

"Canonbury" Convalescent Home at Darling Point.(1921) This was built on Yarranabbe Estate in 1904 and was bought

by the AJC in 1919 as a home for War Veterans. It was later leased by the RAN (1942-46) It also became a

Childrens Hospital and Finally in 1947 formed an Annex to the Crown St Womens Hospital. Tragically,

It was destroyed by Council in 1983 to make way for McKell Park. Possibly, this is where Roy met his Wife.

He married Olivia Barnard Wills (2/12/1895 - 3/9/1980). She met Roy whilst working as a Nurse in Sydney.

Roy (29 years of age) married Olivia (aged 28),at St. Marks Ang, Darling Point,Woollahra, 1923

Witnesses were Louise H Roberts (daughter of Sydney and Jessie Troy) and George Troy, (Roy's Father.aged 75)

Olivia was the Daughter of Thomas Dobson Wills and Phoebe Sarah Barnard of Cessnock. After they were married,

Roy and Olivia made their Home at Cessnock, on her Fathers property just north of Cessnock, on Broke Road,

Near Wills Hill. It appears that Olivia and Roy remained there following Thomas Wills death in 1925.

Phoebe Wills died before Roy and Olivia's marriage in 1918. She was the daughter of Samual and Sussanah Barnard.

There are indications that Olivia's daughter, Hope-Wills Troy remained living there as well.(see Maps and Aerial Photos)

Roy and Olivia also managed a Post Office in that area. Roy was a telegraph operator before the War, so he may

have been operating a Local Exchange as well. After many years Roy and Olivia moved to Lochinvar.

This is where Roy later died and was buried. Olivia also died at Lochinvar some years later.

Olivia was buried alongside Roy at Lochinvar. Roy and Olivia had one daughter named Hope.

Hope Wills-Troy married Norman Stuart Jones in 1953 at Maitland. They had 5 children.;

(Hope Jones later remarried to Les Johnson, now 83 years,at Ballina. She died at Ballina 3/8/2001)

The Children were ; Jennifer Anne, Hope, Norman Roy, Malcom and Olivia.

Olivia Jones married Klaus Wolff of Freemans Reach.

Norman Roy has deceased,

Hope lives at Newcastle,

Jennifer lives at Tibooburra

Malcolm unknown.

Hope Troy (Jones) and Les Johnson

More about Roy.

Roy was apparently employed as a Telegraph Operator, when he joined

the Militia at Darlinghurst at 21 years of age. After 6 months service

he enlisted in the AIF (27.6.1916) His address was "Woodlands" Boyle Street, Manly.

In 1917 , he saw combat in France and serving as an Air Mechanic,

71st Sqd, Air Flying Corps, 951-2 AFC.

He was wounded and and transferred to a Hospital in England.(Guildford)

He left England in 1919 and was returned to Australia. He was discharged, disabled,

in 1921 as having TB and a shell wound to his right Hip.

Of noted interest,is that there is no mention of his mother as Next of Kin,

but rather, a Jessie B Troy (nee Rankin). Jessie was the Wife of Sydney James Troy,

who was the Brother of George Troy (George was the Father of Roy). Jessie states in

one of her letters that she had adopted her nephew Roy as her son.

Sydney James Troy died in 1920. At this stage Jessie Troy was living

at a new address at "Wynstay" in Wentworth Falls.

Roy must have remained in Jessie's care until he married Olivia 1923

Darling Point (adjacent to Darlinghurst) Jessie died at Manly in 1936.

Roy was described as 5'11", blue eyes and brown hair

Roys 2nd Property was at "Merindah", Windermere Rd , Lochinvar