Elizabeth Troy

The Genealogy of Elizabeth Smith who Married Patrick Troy

Abraham Wise b1707 m 1728,(Holm Cultram UK) Ruth Voake b 1701 (Residence Pelutho)

Children ; Robert Wise b1732

John Wise b1735

Abraham Wise b1738

Robert Wise b1732 (Westhouse-Pelutho) m Holm Cultram Abbey-UK Sarah Pape. b1732 (Abbey Cowper)

Children; Anne Wise, b1756-1832 (Born "Westhouse" Pelutho, Cumbria, Bapt. Holm Cultram Abbey)(died Kissing Point Sydney)

Ann had four partners, see below;

(1) Ann Wise 1756-1832 m 1788, (Bishop Auckland UK) Thomas Colpitts c1759

children; Sarah, b1780

George, b1782


Ann, b1784

(2) Ann Colpitts (Wise) 1756-1832 ptr 1787-1790/1, John Colethread, c1761-1802

Children; John 1788-1788

John 1789-1789

John 1790-1790

(3) Ann Colpitts (Wise) 1756-1832, m (Sydney Cove), Thomas Smith, b1757

Children; Mary, b1792-c1866 m R Whittingham,1805, m2 J Miller b1812

Jane, b1795-1854 m Francis Spencer, ptr2 Joseph Bridekirk

ch: Spencer: James (m Cousin Mary Ann Bryan/O'Brien) Jane b1825, Martha b1822, Ann b1813,

Mary J b1815, Martha b 1818-1818, Francis b 1819.

Bridekirk: Joseph d 1885, William b1827, Joseph F b 1830, Valentine b 1833, Sarah b1836-1837

Elizabeth, b1797-1877 , (M1, 1818, Patrick TROY) (M2, 1830 James O'Brien) See Below..

(4) Ann Smith (Wise) 1756-1832, ptr c1898, Joseph Hatton, b1746-1828

Children; Joseph, b1800-1860


Elizabeth Smith m2 1830, James O'Brien c1794 , Waterford, d 1857 , Ryde (Buried With bro William)

ch William b1830-1886

Mary Ann (Bryan) b 1834-, M 1852, James Spencer,(cousin) b1810-d1889

Elizabeth b 1836-

Ann b1833- d 1900 Inverell NSW. buried as Ann Turner (O'Neil, O'Neal)

M1 1847, St Pat's, Parramatta, Daniel O'Neil (b c1802- d1880, L'Pool Assylum) Arrived "William Jardine" ex Waterford, 1837 (Life)

ch; 1) Mary or Mary Jane b1849-d1914 , Quirindi. married 1875, Charles Robinson b 1840-1848 , Grafton

ch ; Leila, Unnamed, Florence, Phoebe, Marian, Albert

2) Helen or Ellen b 1852-1858, Sydney

3) Elizabeth, b1854-d1878, Murrumburrah, married 1876,(Yass)

William George Binns, bEng. d 1934 , L'Pool.

ch ; Ann E b1878-d1973, Kogarah.

4) Male d c1900

5) Solome Johanna, b1857-d1945, Inverell, (not Married)

Ptr2 c1857, Edmund Turner , bapt. 1831, Eng. d 1876, Inverell.

(not married to Ann, lived under Common Law, whilst Ann was still legally married to Daniel O'Neil)

NB; Ann was buried at Inverell, under the Name of Turner, although her death Cert. is registered under O'Neal.(O'Neil)

(Info re: Ann O'Brien per Lois Brown, Newcastle)

(For Further Genealogy details of this Family Lineage, see "Documents" - "Troy/O'Brien/Turner" and also "Links" - "Webb and Hattons" )


Brief History

(Following Patrick Troy's death), Elizabeth Troy married James O'Brien (Bryan) at St Mary's 21st September 1830. Elizabeth and James had 4 children. William was born 1834 and Elizabeth in 1836. Elizabeth and James almost certainly lived with William O'Brien, who would have helped out on the property. James did not receive his Ticket of Leave until 1834. This would have meant, that James was ineligible to work for a Wage, in those first few years. James O'Brien (Bryan) came to the Colony on the "Bramtom" in 1823, with his brother William. Their Crimes are unknown at the moment but the brothers were given life at The Summer Assizes at Waterford. On the Convict Ships documents James was described as 26 years of age, 5'8", fresh faced with black hair and grey eyes. He was pardoned in 1841. Brother William earned an early Ticket of Laeve in 1831 due to his apprehending Joseph Lee , who was convicted of robbery. Both brothers were given permission to live at Kissing Point.

Elizabeth probably had little contact with Patricks Children but there is evidence that they kept in touch. On Elizabeths Death Certificate, (the children of her first family), is properly listed as 3 survivors with 2 having died, which was correct at that time. After Patricks death 4 children went to the Orphanges.I know little of what happened to the O'Brien family but Elizabeth remained a strong Catholic. The O'Briens were joined in the St Charles Borromeo Parish by Jane Smith's (Spencer) son, James Spencer who married Elizabeths daughter, Mary. This James Spencer had been taken to Van Dieman's Land by the estranged husband of Jane, while still young. For some reason he was joined up to his Aunt Elizabeth. He was to receive land from James Squire's Will. James Spencer became Catholic but his mother remained a Presbyterian. Elizabeth died in 1877 and she is buried at the Catholic Church, St Charles Borromeo, built in 1851 at Ryde. There is a large Tombstone in the grounds where she is buried as Elizabeth O'Bryan. James and William O'Bryan and George Troy, James Spencer and his wife Mary (Elizabeths daughter) are all buried in the same grounds.

Anthony Laffan 05

NB; Fiche 3290,4/4570D p12 6/1/1824 ,William and James Bryan were both assigned to Patrick Troy at Concord. It is this James Bryan that Elizabeth married, following Patricks death.