Sydney Properties

Troy Farms.

Round 1830 Elizabeth and Joseph Hatton junior divided the property equally that had been left to them by Joseph Hatton senior. Elizabeth married James Brian in1830 and it is probably on this property that they set up house, possibly with James’s brother William. My guess is that this property then stayed in the Brian family and when George Troy reached 30 they had accumulated enough cash for him to buy his own property which was on the original grant of William Moore diagonally opposite the Stroud / Needham properties which Patrick had purchased some time before 1823.

These farms were just down from the Patfield farm and it was a Patfield daughter who married young Joseph. The Troy farms seemed to be mainly orchids or vineyards. Farms listed for them include: 1. “Midway” property belonging to a son of George (Patrick’s Son) and Ellen. In reality it was in the ownership of John Troy second youngest son of George and Ellen who died very young at 33 in 1903. It is now located at the intersection of Cullen and Waterloo Roads (Now part of Macquarie Uni). This is shown on a 1893 map. 2. *(This is the property belonging to George when he died).

In 1857 George Troy bought from Abner Burrough part of the original William Moore 60 acre grant later located on the corner of Terry Rd (now Quarry Rd) and North Rd Orchid of Marsfield. The farm consisted of 8 acres of land, with a house on it at North Ryde Value at the time of George’s death was 400 pounds (in 1882) Horse and cart 20 pounds, Furniture 50 pounds, Farming utensils 20 pounds (value 490 pounds estate + 675 pounds money.) The will which took 30 years to reach probate, includes: 8 ½ acres (3 ½ leased expiring in 5 years) annual rental of 33 pounds 16 shillings. The remaining 5 acres, consisting of an old orchid with a scattering of young trees, with the cottage thereon are in occupation of the family of the deceased. The cottage is weather board, with an iron roof, and is arranged with front verandah, and 4 small rooms, communicating by a covered passage with 3 other small rooms, kitchen etc. The cottage is in very poor repair, and is apparently ravished by white ants. There is also a cart shed and 2 stall stables on the land. Value put at 675 pounds. The improvements are property of the leaseholder and removable by him. It seems very likely that the property was allowed to deteriorate due to the great length of time for the property to be settled. At this time only Mary married, Elizabeth married, and Joseph, single were surviving relatives.

The property was auctioned off by Joseph Troy who sold it to brother, James Troy and J. P. Breasley, husband of Mary Ann married 1879 orchardists as tenants in common. It appears that Mr Breasley who had property in Dundas had helped to keep the property in the Troy family. 3. Another estate was sold in 1814 near Eastwood Station Balaclava Rd, Gordon Rd, Welby St and Alexander Ave. Exactly who owned this one is uncertain at the moment. It appeared that the George Troy family earned the respect and affection of their neighbours and Ellen Troy, George’s wife was buried at St Charles after the cemetery had been closed! She must have loved the church very much or did the family want her to be buried with George and in the church she loved? There was an inquiry into the burial, which was attended by a large crowd on mourners including many well to do members of the local community

(A Laffan)