Patrick and Elizabeth Troy

(Photo Graeme Printers ltd, UK) The Baptismal Church of Anne Wise, Daughter of Robert Wise and Sarah Pape.She Married Thomas Smith, the father of Elizabeth Smith who Married Patrick Troy.( Anne had 3 other Partners ie Joseph Hatton,John Coultread and Thomas Colpitts.)

Holm Cultram Abbey, Abbeytown (UK)

Mittagong School 1880

Mittagong Church and School, on land donated by Thomas Troy. Rowes Hill. (Photo. Mittagong Historical Society )

Carrick on Suir, County of Waterford (Photo

Close proximity to Whitestown, where Patrick Troy attempted to steal Arms off a Gentleman Wilson, leading to his arrest and Deportation to Australia. The Location of Mr Sheehan, a shoemaker who came to Patricks defence at the Trial in Waterford. Of interest also is the Employ of a James Wilson as a Footman at the Historic Curraghmore House, at Portlaw, a very short distance from Whitestown Crossroads. He died there in 1872. And a Richard Wilson, a Nobleman/Gentry d1839 (Waterford Library) A Patricia Wilson is listed as a major landowner at Portlaw, and there was a Mary Wilson at Mothel. The Wilsons and Quiqleys were prominent in this Area. Also of interest is a John Troy, Boot and Shoemaker at Nearby Cappoquin and three Sheehan Bootmakers, in County of Waterford, ie Michael,1881 Patrick 1856 and William 1839 (Slaters Businesses 1856) . Also there is a death notice of a Mary Troy (Spinster, d 1870 Kilmore) The Informant was a Patrick Sheehan.

Elizabeth O'Bryan (O'Brien, Troy, Smith) Wife of Patrick TROY

(With her son William O'Brien) St Charles Borromeo Cemetary, Ryde, NSW. James O' Brien is buried next to her, as is his Brother William and James Spencer, the son of Jane Troy

Pelutho, Cumbria, UK

(Multi Map) Location of Pelutho House (birth place of Ann Wise) and Caravan Pk at Tarns Dub, presently owned by Wise Family.

George Riley b 1808-1888, m Phyliss Hanks

Phyliss is the Sister of Louisa Hanks, who married Thomas Troy. She lived on nearby "Bloomfield" next door to "Christies Farm", the home of Thomas Troy (Photo Sandy Avis

George Troy.1826-1882, Son of Patrick

Bother of Thomas and also buried at St Charles Borromeo , Ryde. (with,Tony Laffan, Lawrence Turtle and Carolyn Troy) Rellies!

Percival Walter Troy, 1876-1944 The son of Thomas Troy and Catherine Crisp, (on his wedding day, 13/12/1901) married Mary Annne Rosina Webber (Lismore) (Photo Dimity Causer)

HMS "Providence" - 2 mtr. Model ( image, Cosmos ne jp)

Model of HMS "Providence" as displayed at Ikena Isle. (Near Isle of Formosa- Taiwan) The Original ship of Captain Bligh, which was wrecked here in 1797. "Providence 1" would have been built along similar design if not the same. It sailed from Falmouth, Cornwall UK , 21/1/1811 to Cork Ireland, where Patrick Troy boarded,along with 178 other Convicts , all from Ireland, and then to several destinations enroute to Sydney, arriving 2/7/1811. ( some say 8/7/1811) Falmouth was a Major Shipping Port.

Thomas Troy's School, Mittagong

(Tony, Laurie and Carolyn in Photo )(Photo T Laffan)

Louisa Troy 1849-1937(m T Webb)

(Photo; Mark Troy , Bellingen,- Copyrights)

Waterford -Ireland, 1888

Waterford -Ireland, 1888.jpg

The location of The Trial of Patrick Troy

Louisa Troy and her sister Mary Hanks

(Photo of Louisa, Original kept by Joyce Jones, dec, of Louisa Webb nee Troy - .Copyrights ) (Painting of Mary Hanks, original held by Judith Campbell, a dec of Henrietta L Clements, - Copyrights)

Location of Whitestown, Parish of Mothel, County Waterford

Location of Gentleman Wilsons property, where Patrick attempted to steal his Arms. This Area is also known as 'Whitestown Crossroads', or 'Whites Homestead'. (See more details above- Carrick ) Whitestown is a co-joining area consisting of 3 parcels in two Parishes. "Whitestown" is in Rossmire parish and was of 330 acres. "Whitestown East" in Parish of Mothel was 510 acres. "Whitestown West" also in Parish of Mothel, was of 676 acres. "Whitestown Crossroads" joined east and west and the south.(Derived from Ang. word meaning "Meeting place of 3 townlands" )

Waterford Mirror 20-8-1810

The Report of Patricks Trial, which led to his Transportation to NSW

Pelutho House , Cumbria UK

(Photo Tony Laffan) Likely birth place of Anne Wise (Colepitts/Smith) b1756, Mother of Elizabeth Smith who married Patrick Troy (See Location Map