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George Troy, 1847-1925 (Tony Laffan )

George Troy was born at Mittagong , the first male son of Thomas and Louisa Troy in 1848. He was registered at Berrima and Christened at Suttons Forest Church of England. His younger days must have been spent in happy surroundings , for by this time his parents were building up a very successful farming settlement. His schooling was almost certainly took place at the first school set up in the District.The School was started in 1854 by his uncle, James Edrop Comer , at his farmhouse, but his Mothers' Sister donated an acre of land for the establishment of a School, and they donated it to the Church of England. A slab house was erected and a School started there in 1862. George would have been one of the first Pupils at both Schools. (The enrolement at the first School was 24, the Teacher at the Church School was a Mr Ingram H. Loft. , on the salary of 30 pounds per annum.) This must have been a great boon for George, as his father was almost illiterate, but obviously valued education.

According to an email from Michael Troy (South Coast), Grandson of Vincent Troy and from Georges son , George T.S.) He states that George had moved west ,travelling the goldfields of West Wyalong and nearby Tin Mines , before settling and farming near Wallenbeen. His son George T.S. , moved on to Quandialla when Vincent was born. Doris and Eva Troy ,seemed to be the authority on George , but now in their 90s were past talking of family stories.

In Pat Caskies 'Cootamundra Foundation to Federation", George Troy gets a number of mentions.The first point of interest includes "Two NSW Crown Lands passed in 1861, allotted selections for purchase from 40-320 acres of land for a pound an acre" This gives us an idea of the land around there being opened up years before George arrived. Of more interest was the granting of Timber licences being issued 1871 for timber to cut down on Crown Land. The first licences went in 1872 but in 1874 licences were also granted amongst others, C Bradman, (Bradman family in Bowral ) G. Troy and J Webb .As the first child of George and Emily was born in Muttima in 1873, it must have been soon after they left Mittagong.

In 1886, march 29 saw Cootamundra's first court of Quarter sessions opened, with judge Forbes presiding.The first case was one of Forgery, when a young man of 17 or 18 years pleaded guilty to the charge of forging 3 cheques to the value of 35 pounds 2 shillings. He was sentenced to 3 years in Albury Gaol. The first Quarter Sessions Jury comprising of Messers John Elliot, Forman, and included George Troy. In 1892 The Governor General Lord Jersey, was in town to open the towns new water supply. At a special race meeting to celebrate the occassion was the Jessey handicap, worth 30 sovs,.was won by george Troys horse "Danby" (Was it Trained by Jim Laffan?) The article from the paper is interesting, as it gives us a look at the times."The ordinary citizens were not privy to such social events. At a time when 30 pounds, a years wages to some, could be offered in a horse race.. A servant Girl who had borne a child to a prominent citizen, was given 5 pounds to 'go away'. Asling for maintenance of 10/- a week for the baby, she took her plea to court and was granted 7/6d a week , for 12 months only."

This comment is interesting, for there was a child Roy , father, George Troy, mother,Catherine Mulville.Catherine is listed as being from Wallenbeen. It was the year after Emily had her last child. Such was life in those times. George Troy was certainly up there with the Gentry and no doubt had no idea of his recent"dark' background, as he thought James Laffan not worthy of his daughter.

The Australian Hotel had a James Samuel Troy in charge 1881-1883, with Elizabeth Troy in 1885. I'm sure both these Troys were not related and i know of several Troys in the Cootamundra area about this time. However the Royal Hotel (cnr of Parker and Bourke St.) opened 1881, had Thomas Troy in charge 1886-1887. and John Webb 1896-1900. It is very likely Thomas was Georges brother who became sick about 1887 and John Webb was brother in-law to George. George and Emily Troy became very successful farmers at Wallenbeen. They had started in the area of Muttama , which today has but few houses, was a fairly large town with 214 people and by the 1901 census , there were over 736 people at Wallenbeen with 134 Dwellings. Gas lights lit some of the streets, with Mr H Young the lamplighter. There were schools both at Wallenbeen and Cootamundra ,with Private schools at Cootamundra (Catholic)

George obviously had an interest in horse racing, but how large his Stable was , i have no idea. James Laffan was possibly an employee.George and family were obviously sporting people. In a district cricket match Jan 4 , 1902, when Wallenbeen played Cottamundra. In the team wre George Troy (54) J Keith, GTS Troy, Earnie Troy,Percy Troy and P Sawyer. (He was obviously linked to both George and Jim Laffan.)

Some family Members; Mr William Troy 4th son of George Troy , attended the wedding of himself and Annie Moore (Berrima Resident) at Holy trinity Church at Berrima. William , son of George Troy of " Hill-View" Wallenbeen. He was to return to Wallenbeen after the Wedding. It may have been JohnWebb and Mary Troy (Witness at the wedding was George Troy) who started the following family Trek to Cootamundra. In about 1872 they had named the property "Spring Valley" (Mary died after birth of Mary Ethyl.d Gladesville, buried at Cootamundra Cemetery. Thomas and Louisa Troy (Webb) , moved to the Cootamundra District shortly after their Wedding in 1872, running sheep and growing wheat at Jindalee.They returned to Mittagong in 1882. Georges Wife Emily, died in Cootamundra in 1919, but George died in Bowral 14/7/1925 , aged 79. He was boarding for last 2 years with Phyliss Sarah Vickery of Bowral. He had sold "Kenley" cottage 2 years before. He left an estate of 2565 pounds 1 shilling and 9 pence. He had a sense of humour to the last , for in his will , he mentioned "My Gun to Percy E Troy to be kept clean or to be forfeited to my eldest son Earnest" (Percy had been charged for carrying a gun in Mittagong on a Sunday ) Clara Laffan was mentioned in his Will, so she had obviously been long forgiven.

Web Managers Note; Nearby Stockinbingal had a Midwifery in Troy Street. It is reported that George was a cabable midwife and many women preferred his skills. It is possible he may have operated from the Troy Street Clinic. It appears that GTS Troys wife , Betsy, may also have used this Clinic.

NB: An extract of Georges Will is available in "Documents" .( per Tony Laffan)

George Troy and Wife, Emily Crisp