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Bert Troy

Eggbert Hector Alniers Troy, or Bert as he was always Known, was the third son of George Thomas Sidney and Betsy Maulden Troy. He was born on 7th April, 1909 at Cootamundra.

In 1912, the young family moved from a property near Yalgogrin, to "Fairfield", on the Bland, near Quandialla. Betsy and George then had four sons; Les, Vin, 3 year old Bert and Esmond. Later came; Florence, Dot, Daphne, Joan, Marj, Ella , twins Doug and Enid., then Hughie - Thirteen children in all. From an early age, Bert and his brothers and sisters learned to work hard. The Family survived droughts and Depression. Sundays , however, were for attending Church, for socialising and playing sport. Many early Methodist Church services were held at "Fairfield". The Home was often the scene of social events, including Tennis, Dancing and Singing around the Piano.

George introduced his sons to the games of Cricket and Tennis. Bert enjoyed both for a number of years, until deciding that he only had time for Tennis, in which he excelled. Berts sisters also enjoyed Tennis and the Court on "Fairfield", was in constant use. Bert continued playing Tennis until almost seventy years of age.When he retired in Grenfell, he played Bowls twice a week until a year or so before his death in 1999, aged 90 years. As Bert and his brothers grew into men, they began Share-Farming ventures , before being able to buy farms of their own. In 1938, Bert took pocession of "Ostenleigh", on the Bland. He was an enthusiastic and conscientious farmer and maintained a keen interest in the land throughout his long life. In February, 1942, Bert married Marjorie Coleman and they made their home on "Ostenleigh". They had 4 children: Barabara (Simpson), Maureen (Knight), Brian and Warren.

Bert became a practicing Christian, at an early age and his faith shaped his whole life.He also had a strong personal philosophy. He didnt like to let anything beat him and didnt like to leave any job unfinished. Bert was also an individual, who thought things through for himself. If he thought anything was wrong, he was never afraid to say so. Bert was a wonderful loving father to his four children, who found him great company, from their earliest years. He didnt make a lot of rules but the rules he set , were never fogotten.Though he was a quiet man, Bert really enjoyed the company of people and he and Marjorie, always welcomed friends, old and new , to their home. In 1973, Bert was able to visit parts of Australia, he had long been interested in, and went on a trip which included Alice Springs and Darwin. Some years later, Marjorie was able to accompany him on a similar tour. Bert was always very close to his original family and no one can remember hearing him having a cross word with any of them. After moving to Grenfell, Bert stayed in close touch with his nephews, Gordon , Bryson and Vernon Troy, who shared his love of Farming. He phoned them frequently,to find out what was happening on their Farms and on the Bland.

Bert remained active and healthy for almost all of his long life, working in the Garden, playing Bowls and going for long walks. He didnt want to be dependant on others. In 1999, aged 90 years , he died quietly at home. Berts five brothers and three sisters, pre-deceased him. He was survived by sisters, Daphne,Marj (died 2004), Ella and Enid, brother in law Keith Owers and Sisters in law, Ada, Elsie,Norma and Dawn Troy. Bert left behind his wife Marjorie and his four children, Barbara, Maureen, Brian and Warren and 13 Grandchildren, Inga , Darren,Jodie,and Rowena, Shendelle and Dion, Rick, Jillian, and Bronwyn, Kristy, Jessica, Daniel and Joshua.

Bert was a serious person who thought deeply, but at times, had a crazy sense of humour. He loved all of his family and took an interest in each of their lives, including those of the wider family.

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