Victorian Troys

Victorian Troys.

Little information is available for Victorian Troys as such, but one Website has a large Group listed.

Many early settlers were of Assisted and Unassisted migrants from, Ireland , England and other overseas countries. most of which entered through the Port of Melbourne.

Following is a List which was compiled from Vic Bdm and Archives, but i cannot vouch for accuracy.

An Extract of the Troys taken from the Victorian Births Deaths and Marriges, Historical Index

Early Arrivals, Victorian Troys-(Details from Vic BDM, not Confirmed)

Patrick Troy, m Albenia Jane Spittles Claude John Troy,m Mary Swindal

Children; John William b 1898, Ch; Claude Byron b 1893

Unknown Stillborn b 1899 Bertha Lilian b 1893

H George b1902

Harold L b 1904

John Troy, m Sarah Holmes Michael Troy, m Mary Sharp

Ch ; John b 1889 Ch; Magdaline Mary b 1889

William James b 1891 Edmund Augustine b 1890

George Henry b 1893 Michael b 1880

Andrew George b 1885 Agnes b 1885

Letitia Mary b 1887 Cornelius b 1881

William Francis Troy m Mary Anne Canny Dennis b 1883

Ch ; Margaret b 1889 Elenor b 1886

Michael b 1893 Hanorah b 1879

William Patrick b 1892 John b 1876

Ellen Mary b 1896 Mary Anne b 1875

Patrick Francis b 1897 Margaret Josephine b 1887

Maurice b 1901

Mary Elizabeth b 1903 James John Troy m Grace Winifred Miller

Annie b 1887 Ch ; Francis Patrick b 1903

James b 1886 Winifred Elizabeth b 1906

Leo b 1907

Chas Hemsworth Troy m Laura Fanny Chadwick Thomas Robert b 1917

Ch Madge Hemsworth b 1904

James Alex b 1905 Patrick William Troy m Hilda Winifred Ainsworth

Colin Hemsworth b 1909 Ch Aileen Julia b 1906

Shirly Hemsworth b 1919 John Leahy b 1910

Elizabeth Maria b 1912

Henry Robert Troy m Alice Louisa Bassey Michael Luke b 1914

Ch Alice Louisa Arabell b 1906 Patrick Lawrence b 1908

Herman T Lawrence b 1909 Martin Joseph b 1923 (albany)

Dorothy Mary May b 1913

Daniel Peter Troy m Bridget Martha Westblade

Ch James Francis b 1902

Jonathon Turner Troy m Catherine (Kate) Covington Daniel Fred. b 1910

Ch; Amy brown b 1883 Lawrence b 1913

John Turner b 1870 Thomas Henry b 1917

George Covington b 1872 Gladstone Michael b 1918

Mable b 1878 Kleen Mary b 1923

John Troy m Maria Babbage Patrick Troy m Catherine Sullivan

Ch; Anne b 1860 Ch; John James b 1865

Ellen Mary b 1867 Andrew Patrick b 1867

James Patrick b 1863 Mary b 1856

James Troy m Ellen Dundon Maurice Troy m Alice Prout

Ch; Stephen b 1870 Ch; John b 1860

Alice b 1868 Margaret b 1867

Annie b 1875 David b 1865

Bridget b 1860 Patrick James b 1870

Ellen b 1865 Mary b 1852

Patrick b 1872

Thomas b 1859

Cornelius Troy m Ellen Kelly John Troy m Mary Mahoney

Ch; Ellen Mary b 1877-1966 Ch; Margaret b 1869

Honorah b 1881-1951 Mary b 1867

John Joseph b 1879-1967 Patrick b 1862

Robert Henry b 1876

William John b 1860

Andrew Troy m Heather Barny Ellen b 1864

Ch Annie Maria b 1875

Hannah b 1879

John Andrew b 1877 James Troy m Mary Comerford

Mary Ellen b 1874 Ch; Cornelius b 1884

Patrick William b 1872 James b 1875

John William b 1871

Mary b 1873

Michael b 1877-1952

Daniel Peter b 1881

Thomas b 1879

William b 1872