George Troy Snr

George Troy 1826-1882 (Anthony Laffan)

Brother of Thomas Troy

George Troy was the youngest child of Patrick Troy and Elizabeth Smith. He was only 2 when Patrick died and his 2 brothers and sisters were sent to orphanges. George remained with his mother and would have been brought up with Elizabeths new family, the James O'Brien. The first of the new family was William O'Brien born in 1830, when George was only 4. Three more children were born to the family, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth. James O'Brien had at first been a convict assigned to the Troys. The family must have prospered, as George was able to build up quite a successful farm. ( They may have been helped,as Elizabeth was to receive quite a benifit from the death of her mother Ann.) Ann had received the major share of Joseph Hattons Estate, which was to pass on to Joseph Hatton jr. and to Elizabeth, on Annes Death. It appears that Elizabeth and George, did not have a lot of contact with Patricks other children, although they were aware as to how they were going. George married Ellen Maher in Ryde and spent most of their lives in Ryde with 7 children,which probably only two married. (James married Margaret Moriarty, Ryde 1918, editor) It is sad to relate that George ended his life, hanging himself from the bough of of his Farms fruit Trees.One can only shudder to think of what drove George to kill himself, in the same way that his Father had died.George must have been a loving father and his death seemed to have been treated with great grief from his family. There is a substantial monument to him in the Cemetery at St Charles Catholic Church,. Ryde

Inscription; In rememberance of my dearly beloved husband George Troy, a native of Ryde, who died 23/10/1882 aged 54 years, leaving an affectionate wife and 7 children to mourn their loss. May they have mercy on his soul. May he rest in peace. Amen

Lost to sight to memory dear. Wife and children, dear ,do not weep for me. I am not dead, I am only sleeping here. Till the a happier land to part no more...dear son John Troy also Thomas Edward Troy, third son of George Troy, Ellen Troy , (Wife)

Anthony Laffan