Troy and Keiths


Edward Keith 1802-1837

The Law Practice of W.H.Moore, Partners of W.H. Moore include Edward J Keith and T.D. Rowe. Also Brent Clement Rodd, a legal Clerk. All three became entwined with the daughters of Sarah and James Hanks. He was also a close friend of the Rileys of "Bloomfield", Bong Bong. He was a witness to the wedding of Phyliss and George Riley 2/1/1837

Edward Joseph Keith was born in Scotland about 1802. He left Plymouth 25/11/1824 and arrived as a passenger from aboard the "Mountaineer" 8/2/1825. His arrival noted in the Sydney Gazzette as a Barrister in Law. At this time he was only 23 years of age. Another daughter, Francis , was born shortly after their arrival in the colony. He was admitted into practice 5/1/1826. Some years later he was admitted to the Supreme court. It has been suggested he was an associate of William Charles Wentworth and the fact he was a committee member on the Turf Club, as well as W.C. Wentworth. It was recorded he arrived with a wife Anne and two teenaged girls named Keith, Probably his Sisters. Edward Keith lived a sumptuous lifestyle in Sydney town. Edward lived in a Comodus Home on Pitt St , north of the intersection of King St..Besides Edward and Anne , the following also resided at the residence, no doubt in the servants Quarters. There were Elizabeth Thompson and Delaney servants, Mrs Saunders, Housekeeper, Samuel Jackson who was the groom, John Jones a manservant. Also living there was a Brent Clements Rodd, who was a Legal Clerk. (The name Clements oddly is similar to that of a little girl who lived with the Hanks b 1826)

Edward became a very active member of the society in the Colony. Sometime in the early 1830's, Edward must have become attached to a young lass, then only about 17 years of age, our Louisa Hanks. Louisa was the youngest of a family of very feisty young ladies. Edward started up a relationship with Louisa while still having children by his wife. For the birth of their first two children, Louisa was living in the Liverpool area, later she moved closer to Sydney town. It seems true that Edward was preparing to leave his wife and stay with Louisa, when he died suddenly , aged only 35 in 1837. There is quite a mystery about his death. According to the inquest into his death, he was visiting a friend, a Mr John Mac Kanrae, one evening, in good health. They dined heartily and during the evening, Edward consumed a bottle of Port. When "he went out in the air, he fell down". He was assisted back to his house, where his wife Anne , who on seeing him, exclaimed, "O my God,his face is black!". When the Surgeon arrived, he was declared dead.. At the Autopsy, the next morning, the Sugeon F.M.Hawking, stated that he ,and several present ,agreed. (However the body was still warm that morning) The verdict was "Died by Aopolesy". he died 29/5/1837 and was buried at the St. James Church of England , Sydney. His death was " timely, for his wife Anne inherited everthing, as there was no will". Anne and her family soon returned to England. Louisa was left destitute, so much so that she had to send two of her children to live with her sister Harriet, now living in Bong Bong. Some time later, Louisa joined her in the Mittagong area. It was here she met Thomas Troy and continued our family line.

One must wonder if there was foul play in Edward death. Now the children registered as children of Edward J Keith in Sydney;

1827 A Phoebe registered to Anne 24/2/1827 , a daughter registered in the Australian, 30/5/1927, 1827 Francis J registered to Edward J Keith and Anne., 1828 Dudley registered, 1829 Ann registered (Entries of C.S. Pitt Town and C.J. StJames , Sydney), 1832 Magdalene registered ( died 1833) C.J.James, Edward J Registered to Edward Keith and Louisa, st Lukes Liverpool.,Sydney., 1833 Isabella registered, to Edward Keithand Louisa, 1836 Alfred George Edward Keith and Louisa

Some stories about the Keith/louisa Hanks children

When Edward Keith died , two children went to live with the Sherwins.Harriet Sherwin was Louisa's Sister. Alfred being very young, probably stayed with Louisa. Edward and Isabella went to live with William Sherwin, who was to marry Harriet after the death of T.D.Rowe.(this is propbably correct,as Harriet left things to Edward and Isabella , in her Will ).It appears that both Edward Keith and Alfred Keith joined other sons of Thomas and Louisa Troy, when they left mittagong to travel to newly opened Lands in the Cootamundra area. Edward and Alfred married the Webb sisters, daughters of a well known family in the Mittagong area. Edward married Charlotte Perkins, (who was a Webb before her marriage to Edward Perkins)Perkins died from an accidental fall from a Buggy.They were married in Mittagong. Edward was born 8/2/1832, baptised, 30/9/1832. (There was a James Keith whodied 21/3/1921, who was listed as son of Edward Keith and Charlotte Wilson.Was this an out of family birth or miss named family member not mentioned on Edward death certificate?) It seems that both Keith boys moved to the Cootamundra area. , Edward to Wallenbeen with George Troy. Oscar Keith, son of Alfred died1881, only12 years of age. Charlotte Keith, wife of Edward Keith , also died at Wallenbeen.24/11/1891. A report in Pat Caskies book, "Cootamundra Past Imperfect" 1901-1924, the following information was recorded; "1902, Pioneer settler of 320 acres at the base of Morrisons Hill, Edward James Keith, died when he was pinned to the ground at the throat by the dasboard of his Buggy, after it hit a Stump"

Some of Alfred Keiths Children

Louisa, Edwards Daughter, was born 24/9/1854. She married a James Cartwright. they also lived in the Cootamundra area, however Louisa moved to Sydney, dying there at Thornleigh 24/8/1933. They had 9 children. Alfred married Angelina Comer, 1858, having two children, Victor Roland Keith and Eveline b 1880. Alfred remarried Ann Heares and had 4 more children. Andrew Keith, young son of Alfred Keith, was often recorded in the local newspaper. Born 1869, by 1901, he was an accomplished cyclist, (Penny Farthing?) being a member ofa Cycling club. Also 1901, his Mereino Ewe won the champion Ewe at Wagga Wagga. In 1906 as a Member of the club, he was a member of the cycling clubs Cricket team. In 1909, in the "event of the Year", a match between the local side against the visiting Fijian team, he was chosen to referee the match. He represented in the Cootamundra District Team in 1910. By 1812 , Andrew Keith and Co. were auctioneers. Edward Keiths other son, Alfred Keith, married Francis Elizabeth Webb. They had 11 children, the first 9 at Mittagong. They later moved to Cullinga , (Near Cootamundra) They set up a wonderful property, "The Meadows". Alfred married again to Agnes Creeney at cootamundra, and when she died, he married a 3rd time to Jean Young in Brisbane, around 1906. He died in Sydney 30/7/1929, but was buried in Cootamundra. So it appears that the Keith family were very active in the Cootamundra area. There were also Troy Families in the Cootamundra Area.

Isabella Keith

Isabella married a Joseph Frederick Watson in 1858. Their second son William went with Isabella and her Husband when they went to Dunedin. The rest of the family went back to England, where Isabella died in 1910. William however , returned to NSW and went to live with Alfred George Keith.His grandson is Peter Robert Watson, who was installed as Archbishop of Melbourne on 14/5/2000

News in the Australian

Admitted to the Bar 29/12/1825, Joined W.H.Moore 9/3/1826. A son was born to Mr Keith 10/6/1826. Moved from 60 Pitt St to 3 York ST.

A Mr Keith was robbed and stripped in Parramatta 10/10/1827. "We are sorry to hear of some outrages having been committed at Parramatta, in the course of the week, particularly on the evening of Thursday, after the dinner party of the Agricultural Society broke up. The pick pockets collected together, as a group and assailed 2 or 3 gentlemen, whom they contrived to rob. Mr Savage had his watch snatched from him, but the thief being pursued, was apprehended and the Watch recovered . Mr Keith was actually stripped of his clothes and left in the street--, though the plunderers had the modesty to favour him with the benefit of a tattered blanket, which they rolled round him when they left him"

Horses and Mares to be sold by the order of the Executor 7/11/1837, Edward Keith and W.C. Wentworth, stewards of the races in 14/4/1830.

The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Bishop Peter Watson is a direct descendant of Isabella Keith and her Husband Mr Watson. That is in the year 2000

Anthony Laffan.