Douglas Troy doc.

The Family Story of Douglas and Norma Troy

Douglas Troy (Doug) was born 13/5/1923 to George and Betsy Troy of "Fairfield" Quandialla. He was born at Cootamundra along with his twin sister Enid. Doug was one of 13 children, with him and Enid being the youngest, apart from his brother Hugh. Douglas was raised on the family property west of Quandialla, an area known as the "Bland". He went to school at nearby Berrendebba Rail siding, which was built in 1918. He didnt have much schooling, as he was often called away for farm duties, carting water etc during the drought.

When the War broke out both Douglas and his brother Les enlisted. Les was confined to local duties, while Doug was sent to Dapto for training with the 7th Lighthorse Reg. It was during training at nearby Saddle Back mountain behind Kiama, that Doug met his future wife Norma Cambrell. Norma was working at a local Cafe in Kiama. Norma was the Daughter of locals John and Jessie Cambrell of 55 Barney Street, Kiama. Doug was 18 when he enlisted on 12/2/1942. After a short stay with the 7th Lighthorse, he was transferred to the 7th Motor Corps. Then on 8/7/1942. Doug was transferred to the A.I.F and sent to Townsville. Shortly thereafter he embarked to Port Moresby for overseas duties. He served as Rifleman, having seen action in Borneo, New Guinea, Moratai and Balipapan. While over there he contracted Tropical Disease, namely Malaria, Scrub Typhus and others. He was quite ill and spent much time in Field Hospitals and once transferred back to Townsville for Hospitalisation. He also received injuries to his hands and chest from an exploding petrol can. He served for 4 years and was returned to Sydney aboard the Hospital ship SS "Skagerak" 16/1/1946. He wasted no time in marrying Norma upon his return and was married at Kiama C.E. 6/3/1946. Doug had to return to manoeuvres whilst awaiting discharge and was stationed at Condobolin. He was discharged 26/6/1946.

After a brief stay at Kiama, Doug and Norma moved to his Fathers property "Fairfield" .George retained a legacy of several thousand pounds for Douglas, for having served in the Army, while his bothers had made their money during the war years, each having obtained thier own properties around "Fairfield". Wool was a "pound a pound" in those days. After 3 years of living at "Fairfield" George was about to retire in Grenfell, having bought a house there at 19 Dalton St. Negotiations broke down between Doug and George for a take over of "Fairfield" so Doug and Norma moved back to Kiama for 6 months. But they returned to the Bland, this time staying with his brother Esmond, on nearby "Gibralter Rocks". They stayed there for a year while negotiations recommenced with George. Finally Douglas takes poccession of "Fairfield", but is still heavily indebted to George financially. After some years, Doug borrows money from his brother Esmond to settle the debt with his father George. After 8 years at "Fairfield" Doug sells up and purchases a more equitable property "Kalkah East" at nearby Caragabal. "Fairfield" was sold to his brother Vincent, but part, known as "Walters" was sold to his brother Bert. Doug remained at "Kalkah" for about 6/7 years sells up and moves to Kiama for 6 months. Searching for another property, even as far as Western Australia, Doug eventually returns to Quandialla having purchased "Wattle Dale",(1967) east of Quandialla,which was also adjacent to his Sister Dot's property. Dot having married Cedric Hunter. At this time his bother Hugh's property was also close by.

Douglas died, 50 years of age, in 1973, from cardiac disease. He was a heavy smoker, but the property remained in Norma's capable hands and a local sharefarmer, Tony Pollock. Norma ran this property on her own until she sold and retired in 2002. Douglas and Norma had 4 children, John, Paul, Robyn and Daryl. All married locals, ie John m Elizabeth Trudgett, Paul m Janice Lange, Robyn m Ian Rattey and Daryl m Jenine McAlister.(now divorced)\

PS Norma's brother Lyn Cambrell also moved to Quandialla, having married a local, June Penfold, at Quandialla in 1955. Lyn and June made their home in a small cottage on nearby "Bland Park" , owned by Dougs brother Vincent and Ada Troy. They later moved in with Doug and Norma at "Fairfield" . In 1960, Lyn and June then moved to Griffith. While at "Bland Park" Lyn purchased a Bus run off Milton Hunter?. Milton had married Dougs Sister Ella. But was sold back to Milton & Ella when Lyn moved to Griffith. Interesting, that two brothers, Milton and Cedric had married two Troy sisters Ella and Dot.!

It should also be noted that the property , "Wattle Dale" was previously owned by Athol Napier and other Napier Clan before him. Dougs Brother Hugh married Athol's sister ,Dawn Napier. Douglas also purchased a small block adjacent to "Wattle Dale" off Dawn's brother, Charles Napier. Another brother of Dawn's, ie. Alan Napier, owned the property next door to Charles and "Wattle Dale".


Douglas and Norma Troy (At "Kalkah East", Caragabal. NSW, April 1964)