Dinga Dingi Troys

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The History of the Troys at Dinga Dingi

Though not related to the descendants of our Patrick , this is nevertheless a good story. This Troy Family were located at Stockinbingal adjacent to our George and Emily Troy at Wallenbeen. There must have been significant contact, as they were involved in farming and mining likewise. The story begins in 1859 when Catherine Dacey purchased 320 acres (120 ha) at Yeo Yeo Creek , now known as the Bland Creek. It appears that the Homestead was standing at the time of purchase. The bricks for the Home were made 300mtrs away on the creek. The walls were 35cm thick and the original roof was of hand made shingles. The nails were also hand made. The Bar has been since removed but the cellar still remains. In 1865 the Homestead operated as the "Shamrock Inn". The first mention of a licensee is in the Govt Gazzette for Catherine Dacey Shamrock Inn, 1865-67. A publicans license is then Gazetted to William Dacey (son), 1867-1868. William Francis Scott is mentioned as Licensee of "Dinga Dingi" from 1878-1879. Then in 1879-1881 James Troy opens it as the "Dinga Dingi" Hotel, to take advantage of the Scrubyards Gold Rush. Lastly held by Donald McDonald 1881-1883 (ref. Pat Caskie, Govt Gaz.) The property and Hotel/Homestead is still occupied and now owned by Brian and Anne Smith of Stockinbingal. Catherine also had the Junee Hotel in 1868.

James was James S Troy, the son of Nicholas Troy and Mary McNamara. (Nicholas was a convict per Isabella, 1823. born 1801, Cty, Carlow, Ire, d1860 Wagga. Also had a brother Thomas per Isabella,b1802-1856, inf. State records) Nicholas had several children,. James S Troy born 1844-1884, John b? d1904 (Granville), Patrick Joseph b1849-1925 (Junee),Teresa b1855, Female b1859, Thomas was born at Tumut about 1843/44. the year Nicholas and Mary got married. The Family were from Tooles Creek, East of Wagga. (info Orbituary) And according to the Story below Thomas was a brother of James. Patrick, James,Catherine (Wife of Thomas), Mary (Wife of Nicholas?) and John all had Land at Tooles Creek. and O'Briens Creek.(see "Maps") Thomas later bought part of the Scrubyards Gold Run, but he sold it and purchased "Green Camp" at Stockinbingal. (Maps) He then sold this and bought the "Royal Hotel" at Cootamundra. A license is recorded for 1886 .He only held this for about two years,(Bankruptsy?) (sold to Jonas Cuzner in 1887) Again longing for the land, he sold up and bought a property 2 miles north of Stockinbingal. (See Maps) Thomas died at Temora in 1923, age 79. Herklis Troy,(Hercules) was the only Troy to be buried in Stockinbingal. He died aged 80 in 1976, and was buried in a Double Grave with his Brother, John Lloyd. It is not known what became of Thomas the bother of Nicholas. Although his probate is registered in NSW, the NSW BDM does not have him listed.

There is also a Story of a James (Jim) Troy ,who was said to have been the "The Man From Snowy River",. A poetic story by Banjo Patterson.(Although this Claim is also held by a Lachlan Cochran and several other candidates). As the story goes, "a family of Troys resided at "Mungo", O'Tooles Creek (AlfredTown) near Wagga Wagga. Three of their horses, (one valuable), broke away and joined the Wild Horses in the Hills. James (Jim) Troy, his brother Tom and T.P. McNamara rode up-hill through the gullies after the colts but the wild horses took fright and the colts with them. Jim Troy performed such an outstanding feat of horsemanship, in rounding up the runaways, that it then became part of Australian Folk History.(ie. "The Man from Snowy River") (inf. Canon Bertie Troy) No Doubt who the James or Tom in story were as it parallels, especially since Nicholas married Mary McNamara. T.P McNamara, may have been a brother to Mary. Its possible Banjo may have met or heard about the Troys at Binalong while he was living there. Thomas P McNamara b1841-d1928 at Young. (Father Michael)

James S had the Hotel while Thomas held part of the Scrubyards Run. James S married Elizabeth Byrnes ( b Tumut) at Wagga in 1879, the same year of he opening of the Hotel. The Nuptial was witnessed by Thomas Byrnes and Kate (Catherine Troy) The Miners held a meeting to change the name of "Dinga Dingi" to "Troy", but the meeting was out voted, so they then decided to name a street next to the railway line at Stockinbingal to "Troy" instead. Thomas Troy (1844-1923) was well spoken of in the area. He married Catherine O'Brien at Binalong in 1867. Catherine was also from a well respected family of "Gundibendyal", a property to the left of the Temora road, about 6 miles west of Stockinbingal. Catherine b1841,died at 68 years of age in 1907. (Parents William and Margaret). James , their eldest son died at just 21 years of age. James Samuel Troy, may also have had the "Australian (Arms) Hotel" at Cootamundra from 1881 to 1883. ("Cootamundra; Foundation to Federation" by Patricia Caskie) The dates certainly fit. He died in 1884 at Cootamundra, but of interest is the license being held by Elizabeth Troy in 1885. The License for this Hotel was surrendered in 1936.James and Elizabeth had one known child, Augustus James, b1883 at Cootamundra.d1966, m1914,Maud Kennedy

It doesnt stop there, According to the Australian Encyclopedia, T.M. McNamara , was possibly the "Clancy of the Overflow" in Banjos Ballard. Thomas M McNamara's father, Michael, originally had a property called the "Overflow" before moving to the Wyalong Area. Toms brother in law, James (Jim) Troy was believed to be "The Man From Snowy River". The story is; The Patersons, McNamaras and Troys all had neighbouring properties. Some of the Horses, including a good Colt out of a Mare named "Old Regret". Banjos Father, some of the McNamaras and the Troys were in the Group that chased the mob. Jim being on a mountain pony named "Mungo", and the rest were on thoroughbred types. Jim caught the mob and bought them back himself, whereas the other horses couldnt follow. Banjo was about 11 years at the time and away at school in Sydney. But he would have heard about it from his family. Earlier, Mick Troy, father of Jim Troy, (and eventually Tom McNamaras father in law), had a fine Stallion called the Glance and Tom Mcnamara wanted progeny from it. Which he got in a Colt called Glancy. He was so proud of his Colt and told everbody in the District, who then in turn , Christened Tom as "Glancy". It wasnt until after the Poem was written, that it became "Clancy". ."Thomas was the eldest child, and in 1888, he and his wife (Maria Mary Troy, aka (Known As) Teresa Mary Troy), moved to Queensland. In the late 1830's they moved to Griffith to live with their daughter, Mrs Kate Erskine and this is where Thomas McNamara died. His widow (Michaels) Ellen then went to live with her second son Lewis (Louis?) McNamara on Mt Tracey Sation near Cloncurry, and died there a few years later. I believe she is buried in Cloncurry." (Cont.by Noonan Family)

Verifying all of this on NSW BDM, has been quite a challenge.But it has revealed a flaw in this Story.Thomas M was said to have married"Maria Mary aka Teresa Mary Troy" .( aka. means Known as.) Teresa Mary Troy was the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Troy of Wagga. If Thomas M had married her, then the the story would be true. Nicholas (Mick) would have been his Father in law and James (Jim) his Brother in law. But Thomas M McNamara, in fact married 1875,at Wagga, Maria Mary Troy b1855. Maria Mary was the daughter of Patrick and Mary Troy of Wagga. Patrick and Mary also had a Son Thomas Patrick b1856 . Patricks relationship (If any) to Nicholas is not known as yet. Nicholas Troy also had a son Patrick Joseph b1849. Thomas P McNamara (b 1841) was the son of Michael and Margaret McNamara. He died in 1928. He certainly fitted into the previous story. However there was another family who could have filled in the gaps, namely, Michael and Ellen McNamara of Temora/Barmedman. They had several children. Their son, Louis J L (Lewis) and wife Elizabeth were at Barmedman/West Wyalong. Louis (d1947) had a family that included a son Thomas Michael who died at Hillston in 1921.(Griffith). Kathleen (Kate) Mary G, Erskine.(b1886 Barmedman, d1973, Griffith) Was the daughter of Thomas M and Teresa M McNamara. (Maria , nee:Troy, apparently took on the Name Teresa) Thomas M was also a son of Michael and Ellen.Therefore the Clancy Incident,could still have taken place somewhere in the Dinga Dingi, Barmedman Area. The Troys were there, including Jamesand Thomas, and there were several McNamaras in the Area. James, Michael and Thomas McNamara all lived close by, There were no Troys at Wyalong, with the exception of George and Ernest, who came at a later Date. James Paterson was mining in the area and Binalong wasnt far away. There were Patersons in the area of Young, Cootamundra,Wagga, and Binalong. There are a couple of marriage links between the O'Briens and Patersons.

The Bland Creek ran through Dinga Dingi, and it also was the Border to the Bland Region, ie. Barmedman/Wyalong. Seeing Banjo was about 11 years old, the story would have taken place about 1875. Banjo went to school at Binalong and then to Sydney in 1874 to further his studies. Banjos father Bought 'Illalong' at Binalong in 1869, and after forclosure, he stayed on to manage the property. Of interest is the marriage of Thomas Troy to Catherine O'Brien in 1867 at Binalong. The O'Brien Family lived just across the road from John and Rose Paterson (Banjos Mother). John and his Brother, Andrew Paterson (Banjos Father) were both Graziers on the Historic "Illalong", just east of Binalong on the main road to Yass.Then there is James Troy, who opened the Hotel at Dinga Dingi, An earlier licence was in the name of "Catherine Dacey-Grogan-Shamrock Inn." Grogan was a name for the Area and Road that Catherine Lived. The Grogan family took possession of the historic "Illalong". William Grogan married Jane O'Brien. Catherine Dacey was also related to the O'Briens in that area. The Location of Thomas Troys "Green Camp" appears to be Just SW of Stockinbingal.(Corbys Lane, see maps) Part of O'Brien's

Banjo wrote a Poem, "When Dacey rode the Mule" This story was about John Dacey? also from Illalong ,and whom Banjo went to school with. It further enhances the Troy connection, seeing James Troy licenced the "Dinga Dingi' Hotel owned by Catherine Dacey.

The first incedent must have been at or near O'Tooles Creek. Perhaps the second took place at the "Scrubyards" ,at or near a McNamara property. After all there was a Gold rush on there. John or Andrew Paterson could have been there for a short while during the Gold Rush, following the forclosure on "Illalong". James Paterson was mining in the Area. Patricks Troys daughter Maria was at Barmedman, so he was close by as well. Patrick could have been at one of the McNamaras properties, which were scattered east of Barmedman, following the Bland Creek towards Dinga Dingi. ie James, Louis, Patrick, Peter E, Michael, A.J., William P, Thomas M, (Lands Maps 1880-1910) Thomas Troy had a Mining Permit for a mine NW of Dinga Dingi. 5miles north of Springdale. Near to McNamaras.George Troy lived just east of Stockinbingal, buts its not known if he was there.. Although he may have practicing as a Midwife at Stockinbingal at the time. Were they were all together at this incident, somewhere along the Bland Creek?, (Yeo Yeo) Banjo could have been influenced by stories from Catherine O'Brien, (Thomas Troys wife) Seeing the O'Briens were at Binalong. Or even members of the Dacey family, who also lived at Illalong with Banjo. But thats it for now, plenty to ponder on..

One more detail, Caroline Maud Troy,b1879, Walgett,a descendant of Richard Troy of Tas., married a William Clancy. The Name of their property was "Clancy"

(See "Pictures" and "Maps" for details)

The following is a list of Thomas and Catherines children. Taken from two orbituary listings and history notes.

James b1868-1889 (b Young NSW) died aged 21

Mary C b 1870-1938, Young, married 1899, Francis Lloyd

Margaret A b 1871-, Young, m William P Collins

Anne E b 1873-1925, Young, m Thomas Gordon

William P J b1885-1956, Young, m Agnes A Collins Ch William d1960

Herklis Troy (Hurcules) b 1895-1976. Mother is listed as Mary on BDM and Father not mentioned. He claimed to be a descendant of the Troys and O'Briens. Its probable he was in fact the Grandson of Thomas and Catherine. Their daughter Mary may have been the mother, as she would have been 25 years old at the time of Herklis birth. Mary married Francis Lloyd and Herklis was buried with John Lloyd. Having no father, Thomas may have helped raise him up. Francis Lloyd may have been the Father though.

Thomas Troy b 1877- Said to have married and then moved to New Zealand with one of his Sisters

Plus 1 Daughter, (not yet known) is said to have gone to New Zealand with her brother Thomas.

Further Notes:

NB; Thomas appears not to have returned from NZ for the funeral, as he was not mentioned in the Orbituary

James jnr, was also not mentioned, no doubt because he died at a young age.

James and Pat Caskie occupied a house in Cootamundra, built c1889. The house was bought by Catherine Troy in 1893, which she held for 10 months.Then sold to Rees Davies. Thomas and Catherine appear to have owned several properties at Cootamundra.

There is a record on State Archives of Bankruptsy for James 1877 (Narrandera, Free selector) and Thomas 1887, (Hotel) and again for Thomas 1879 (Grazier)

There is a record of a Miners Permit issued to a Thomas Troy at Temora in 1906, for Crown Land Area 5 miles north of Springdale. No production was recorded.

There was a Midwifery in Troy St. It is possible that this was used by George and Ellen Troy as well as others. There are strong hints of George having practiced as midwife and is possible that he operated from this very Clinic.

There was a Butcher shop in Stockinbingal, part owned by G.T.S Troy and reportedly by another Troy, Paddy Troy. (no relation to G.T.S Troy)

(ref Cootamundra Herald, Gwen Smith, Brian Smith, Pat Caskie, Coota Library, Govt Gaz., BDM, Lands, Noonan Family, Sharon Troy and others) (All care Taken, please notify of any discrepencies)